We are empowering global wellness through gamified health technology. Fitlink is revolutionising fitness across industries—from corporate teams to community health initiatives, sports enthusiasts, and beyond. Join us in our mission to become the world's leading health and fitness platform.

Fitlink Teams


Boost employee health and productivity with Fitlink Teams. Our tools motivate and reward employees, leading to higher productivity, reduced sick days, lower turnover, and enhanced employee satisfaction. Empower your HR to create a healthier, happier workplace.

Fitlink Insurance


Transform corporate health insurance with Fitlink. Fitlink helps lower insurance premiums by promoting wellness and offering employees tools to demonstrate their health. Drive down costs and support a healthier workforce with our technology-driven solutions.

Fitlink Fans


Redefine fan engagement with our platform transforms passive sports viewing into an active, health-promoting experience, bringing fans closer to their favourite teams and heroes. Engage your fans in new, meaningful ways that promote health and community.

Fitlink Healthcare


Integrate hospital and personal wearable health data with Fitlink Healthcare. Our platform provides a seamless user experience, connecting clinical data with personal health metrics for a comprehensive health overview. Enhance patient engagement and health outcomes.

Fitlink Cities

Population Health

Enhance community health programs with Fitlink Cities: Utilise data insights and preventative healthcare interventions to drive successful health initiatives. Promote active lifestyles and reward healthy behaviours in your community.

Fitlink Buildings


Fitlink Buildings supports landlords and developers in promoting tenant health. Our platform helps buildings qualify for healthy building certifications like WELL v2™ and Fitwel v2.1™, ensuring better building performance and tenant satisfaction.

Fitlink Teams

Active Travel

Encourage active travel within corporate wellness programs with Fitlink Active Travel. Promoting healthy commuting habits among employees contributes to overall well-being and a reduced environmental impact.


Web 3.0

Through a "compete-to-earn" model, users earn $BFIT for their fitness efforts. The app encourages healthier lifestyles by combining physical activity with the excitement of earning crypto. Earn while you burn.

Fitlink App


Motivate and reward individuals on their well-being journeys. Fitlink's free app for individuals encourages healthy habits and continuous personal health improvement. The original app that started the Fitlink movement.

Fitlink Services


Leverage decades of experience in Health Technology with Fitlink’s comprehensive suite of products. Our expert team is dedicated to helping your organisation innovate and transform, ensuring you dominate and remain a market leader in your industry.

Health Stack


Health is wealth, and signalling how healthy you are is a new sign of your wealth. With HLTHSTK you connect your health stack, and it automatically creates your profile, including a health score that gets you cheaper health insurance.



At POSTMAN, we blend Gen AI with human ingenuity to deliver exceptional creative solutions. Our unique approach transforms traditional workflows, ensuring efficiency, quality, and innovation. We are the delivery team powering Fitlink projects.


Fitlink was built to get people moving. We've designed movement out of our lives in favour of convenience. Fitlink motivates and inspires people to move their bodies through gamified health, turning healthy habits into a rewarding addiction. Start moving with Fitlink and see the difference.

The slick user interface on mobile and desktop allows anyone from an end user to a team admin to navigate and manage everything easily. We supply the much-needed tools people need to improve their health.

Powerful Features

All our features are designed to get people more active more often. From points, rewards, and challenges to social interactions, activities, and badges, Fitlink motivates and rewards movement. It's the Fitlink way.

Health Data is Fuel

Fitlink collects health data from users' connected wearables and health apps. From sleep to steps to stairs climbed, this data fuels Fitlink, helping users improve their health through informed insights.

Fitlink Health Pillars

Our platform is built on essential health pillars: quality sleep, hydration, nutrition, mindfulness, and increased activity levels. Fitlink supports these pillars to improve overall well-being.

Gamified Health

Fitlink's gamification tactics—from points and rewards to badges and progress bars—are designed to motivate users to be more active. Our engaging experience keeps users coming back for more.


Ready to transform your health and fitness journey? Start a free trial today or contact us for more information. Experience the Fitlink difference and join our mission to make the world fitter, healthier, and happier.